imaginary number

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imaginary number

A complex number in which the imaginary part is not zero.

imaginary number

(Mathematics) any complex number of the form ib, where i = √–1

imag′inary num′ber

a complex number having its real part equal to zero.

i·mag·i·nar·y number

A type of complex number in which the multiple of i (the square root of -1) is not equal to zero. Examples of imaginary numbers include 4i and 2 - 3i, but not 3 + 0i (which is just 3). See more at complex number.
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Noun1.imaginary number - (mathematics) a number of the form a+bi where a and b are real numbers and i is the square root of -1
math, mathematics, maths - a science (or group of related sciences) dealing with the logic of quantity and shape and arrangement
number - a concept of quantity involving zero and units; "every number has a unique position in the sequence"
complex conjugate - either of two complex numbers whose real parts are identical and whose imaginary parts differ only in sign
real, real number - any rational or irrational number
pure imaginary number - an imaginary number of the form a+bi where a is 0
imaginary part, imaginary part of a complex number - the part of a complex number that has the square root of -1 as a factor
imaginární číslo
número imaginario
nombre imaginaire pur
מספר מרוכב
imaginarni broj
imaginárius számképzetes szám
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On it, the horizontal axis is called the real axis and the perpendicular vertical axis is called the imaginary axis.
The traditional political analysis, the one which divides the parties on an imaginary axis from left to the right and explains most democratic phenomena by reference to the dynamic of the sociological and political parties, is outdated for a long time.
lt;[tau], [GAMMA]> is a Coxeter group, where [sigma] is the reflection in the imaginary axis and [tau] is the linear operator represented by the matrix [MATHEMATICAL EXPRESSION NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII], and both groups contain [GAMMA] as a subgroup of index two.
For a system with two time scales, the slow time scale is related to the eigenvalues that are close to the imaginary axis and that represent the slow state space variables (slow modes) of the system, while the fast time scale is related to those that are far from the imaginary axis and that represent the fast state space variables (fast modes) of the system.
Throughout Budapest, in particular during tete-a-tetes, Yeoman breaks the 180-degree rule of filmmaking, which says that the camera shouldn't cross an imaginary axis that connects two conversing characters.
It is important to note that [phi] = [pi]/2 is the angle between the real and imaginary axis (see Figure 3).
qs] is the imaginary axis component of stator magnetic field space vector fixed coordinate system, [i.
Let quasipolynomials a(s) and p(s) have no root on the imaginary axis, i.
Let's geometrically represent complex number z = x + i x y as point M where in the rectangular system of coordinates, axis X (the axis of abscesses) is a material axis and axis Y (the axis of ordinates) is an imaginary axis.
Readers who find Figure 2 puzzling should recall that a diagram of an imaginary axis must, of course, itself be imaginary.
For obvious reasons the x-axis is called the real axis and the y-axis is called the imaginary axis.
where the contour C runs parallel to the imaginary axis from c - i[infinity] to c + i[infinity] with -[D/2] - 1 < c < -[D/2], and [D/2] the integral part of D/2.