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A Japanese porcelain ware, first produced in the early 1600s especially for export to Europe and typically decorated with bright colors and elaborate floral motifs.

[After Imari, port in northwestern Kyushu, Japan, from which it was exported.]


a type of decorated Japanese porcelain


Japanese porcelain with a decorated blue underglaze over which the colors of red and gold are laid.
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Ida was in her boudoir, a tiny little tapestried room, as neat and dainty as herself, with low walls hung with Imari plaques and with pretty little Swiss brackets bearing blue Kaga ware, or the pure white Coalport china.
Such was the demand for Derby patterns during the Bloor Derby period, notably the Japaneseinspired Imari, that enamel painters were "poached" from elsewhere to ensure orders could be filled.
Imari Clinton led Pacific Union with 18 points and Kylie Beal added 12.
Leadership passed to William Bloor in 1811 and, under his leadership, the company began designing brightly-coloured Japanese Imari patterns.
It has a finely detailed 18th century Imari Oriental border with a scene inspired by the Italian countryside.
Du Plessis has stayed in South Africa to be with wife Imari following the birth of the couple's first child.
Por ultimo, habria que hacer un mayor esfuerzo en la identificacion de los generos asiaticos y evitar algunos errores, como el de la catalogacion de los imaris, que no son productos chinos, sino piezas de porcelana producidas en Japon, en la region de Arita, y exportadas desde el puerto de Imari, al que deben su nombre.
the Oyotunji Village was founded in 1970 in Beaufort County in South Carolina, African Libration Day was headed by Owusu Sadaukai of Malcolm X Liberation University; the Congress of African People (Baraka 1997, Simanga 2015) was led by Amiri Baraka (1934-2014); the Pan African People's Organization in San Francisco, California head was Oba T'Shaka (T'Shaka 2005); Maulana Karenga had founded the Organization Us; Imari A.
Du Plessis is awaiting the arrival of his first child, who is expected in the first week of July, and with his wife Imari choosing a natural birth, there is no speeding up the due date.
More robust than the Chinese porcelain which Miles Mason had imported for so many years, and less likely to chip or crack than the English pearlware alternative, the body quickly caught on as ideal for useful but decorative wares, and in both form and design, it tended to echo the wares imported from the Far East, with an emphasis on chinoiserie and rich Imari patterns.
Summary: The Domain Hotel and Spa's premiere Japanese restaurant Imari wows us with their flair for authentic Japanese cuisine.
The event was held at Imari Restaurant in The Domain Hotel yesterday and also featured brief presentations by Arabian Gulf University professors Ziad Al Naeb and Abdul Hadi on experiments performed on the product.