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A Japanese porcelain ware, first produced in the early 1600s especially for export to Europe and typically decorated with bright colors and elaborate floral motifs.

[After Imari, port in northwestern Kyushu, Japan, from which it was exported.]
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a type of decorated Japanese porcelain
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Japanese porcelain with a decorated blue underglaze over which the colors of red and gold are laid.
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Ida was in her boudoir, a tiny little tapestried room, as neat and dainty as herself, with low walls hung with Imari plaques and with pretty little Swiss brackets bearing blue Kaga ware, or the pure white Coalport china.
In the mid-2000s it undertook a large-scale investment program in its shipbuilding facilities and machinery at its central shipyard in Imari city (Imari Shipyard & Works).
U18 goalkeeper Adam Desbois and defenders Marcel Elva-Fountaine and Roberto Nditi have been offered professional terms though, while 16-year-old Imari Samuels has accepted scholarship terms and a first professional contract with the club.
Pino-on, Wealth Imari Tabaloc, G.L Quino, Kobe Aba-a, Roshan Jill C.
Gunther and Willow befriend a village boy named Imari. The villagers are so grateful for the elephants' help to put out their fire that they offer help to guide Willow to the place where the Blueberry Sea meets the Lemonade Sky.
Darius Miles and Imari Sawyer were a couple of Illinois prospects who were more hyped from that class.
Sources range from Japanese Imari porcelains to Ottoman Iznik tiles.
Steven Biko, Martin Luther King, Jr., Malcolm X, Kwame Toure, Marcus Garvey, Imari Obadele, Queen Mother Moore, Harriet Tubman, Ida B.
The Chelsea factory was sold in 1784 and what small production that remained there was moved to Derby - masters of copying oriental wares, notably the ubiquitous Imari.
The Katara chief also honoured members of the judges' panel comprising Arif al Imari, Abdul Aziz al Kubaisi and Muneera al Obaidli.
Taking control of the Imari camp, the second largest military base on the Red Sea Coast after the Khalid Bin Al Waleed camp in Muza, now fully liberated, has also made it possible for the pro-government forces to protect international navigation through Bab Al Mandeb.