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A Japanese porcelain ware, first produced in the early 1600s especially for export to Europe and typically decorated with bright colors and elaborate floral motifs.

[After Imari, port in northwestern Kyushu, Japan, from which it was exported.]
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a type of decorated Japanese porcelain
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Japanese porcelain with a decorated blue underglaze over which the colors of red and gold are laid.
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Ida was in her boudoir, a tiny little tapestried room, as neat and dainty as herself, with low walls hung with Imari plaques and with pretty little Swiss brackets bearing blue Kaga ware, or the pure white Coalport china.
We imported these contour images into Imaris software, which automatically generated a 3D surface topography of the metal screw, as shown in Fig.
Three-dimensional images were created from Zstack images using Imaris software (Carl Zeiss).
ImarisSearch provides researchers with an addition to the Imaris suite of visualization and analysis software that allows them to increase productivity, said the CEO of Bitplane.
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