n.1.The act of imbursing, or the state of being imbursed.
2.Money laid up in stock.
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Electricity distributors often capitalise annual wayleave payments, meaning landowners receive a oneoff imbursement that, as our research has revealed, is a lot less than what they should be getting.
Doubts and delay are observed with respect to whether the two prior actions are taken that are included in the economic adjustment program for the imbursement of the next tranche of the financial aid," it said.
LCCU submitted a claim for re imbursement from its insurance carrier for $58,286.
Prime Minister Fee Imbursement Schemes and Business Loan Schemes are meant with a special focus on smaller provinces and HEC is also providing major incentives to the students in provinces, the Minister told.
After seizure of Rahst and Anzali, Russia gave to Iran a three-articled ultimatum, which demanded: (1) disposal of the American advisor Morgan Shuster who had made chief financial improvements in Iran; (2) prevention of employment of any foreign advisor without taking the prior permit of England and Russia; and (3) imbursement of indemnification to Rahst and Anzali-settled Russian forces.
She said she seeks a retraction of what she alleges are false statements by Hern, Garrett and the recall committee; re imbursement for her attorney fees; and economic and noneconomic damages to be determined at trial.
Names of the beneficiaries will be announced later on and they will be notified about the procedures of imbursement in a way that serves their free choice of the designs of their new houses or they may complete their houses that are still under construction.
On the other hand, inadequate reimbursement rates may discourage industrial partners from seeking FDA approval, opting for development of an in-house test which may receive less utilization but with higher re imbursement rates.
Osman explained that their meeting with the First Vice President of the Republic Ali Osman Mohamed Taha focused on the importance of implementing the presidential directives pertinent to the compliance of the Ministry of Finance and National Economy with the payment of the arrears through imbursement of 10 million pounds monthly to the state besides 1.
Challenging economic conditions over recent years have put company payment trends firmly under the spotlight for business leaders, be they in relation to late supplier imbursement, employee remuneration or ways of retaining capital for reinvestment.
NNA - 21/2/2011 - The Italian Embassy in Beirut paid on Monday the first imbursement of Italy' s donation to rebuild Nahr-El-Bared camp, in presence of the Italian Ambassador to Lebanon, Giuseppe Morabito, PLO representative in Lebanon, Abdullah Abdullah, and UNRWA Director General in Lebanon Salvatore Lombardo.
They also said CMS could ease some of the financial pressure on physicians by revising its guide lines for prolonged visits to allow for re imbursement for services provided outside of the face-to-face visit, such as reviewing charts and communicating with families and other health care providers.