n.1.The act of imbursing, or the state of being imbursed.
2.Money laid up in stock.
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The tribal people holding banners and placards inscribed with demands for reconstruction of infrastructure, including houses and shops, and imbursement of financial support, shouted against the federal government for its negligence.
The meeting recommended to pay special heed on character building of the youth, increasing imbursement budget from Rs 2 billion to Rs 6 billion, resolving hostel related issues of the Pakistani students and compiling code of conduct to Islamic Research Institute regarding drinking.
We now have associates with in-depth education and expertise in clinical research, regulatory affairs, marketing, quality assurance, and even re imbursement.
allowance of doing on behalf of the chief of mission: - Amendment: - allowance imbursement for working during the absence of the head of mission for more than (30) days, in a row.
Contactless payments are secured cashless imbursement through various systems/payment instruments.
Kristian Rouz - The liquidity of UK government bonds (gilts), is diminishing amidst tighter regulations, making it harder for Britain to borrow funds and slowing the pace of debt imbursement, as outlined in a report by the nation's bonds agency.
The plaintiffs in the local suit are seeking re imbursement for the prices paid for their vehicles, plus interest.
Electricity distributors often capitalise annual wayleave payments, meaning landowners receive a oneoff imbursement that, as our research has revealed, is a lot less than what they should be getting.
LCCU submitted a claim for re imbursement from its insurance carrier for $58,286.
After seizure of Rahst and Anzali, Russia gave to Iran a three-articled ultimatum, which demanded: (1) disposal of the American advisor Morgan Shuster who had made chief financial improvements in Iran; (2) prevention of employment of any foreign advisor without taking the prior permit of England and Russia; and (3) imbursement of indemnification to Rahst and Anzali-settled Russian forces.
The department of family welfare set up a consultative committee to suggest appropriate restructuring as in for structure funded by the states and the center and revise norms for re- imbursement by the center and has started implementing the recommendations of the committee monitoring and evaluation had become a part of the
15,000 from Maternity benefit and submit this claim to both insurers, she will get the re- imbursement of Rs.