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A triptan drug, C14H21N3O2S, used also in the form of its succinate to treat migraine headache and cluster headache.

[suma-, origin unknown + -triptan, triptan suffix; see triptan.]
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n sumatriptán m
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Investigators visited Lloyds, Boots, Alliance/Moss, independent and supermarket pharmacies as well as national and regional chains to ask about emergency contraception, migraine drug Imigran Recovery and traveller's diarrhoea.
Glaxosmithkline was in the news yesterday after a favourable court ruling in Greece over the long-running case involving the supply of three of the company's medicines, Lamictal, Imigran and Servent.
The Liverpool Echo has teamed up with Imigran Recovery*, the new over the- counter (OTC) migraine treatment, to offer one lucky reader two tickets to a star-studded UK movie premiere.
Glaxo tried to stop them reselling drugs by cutting off all supplies of three patent medicines - Imigran, Lamictal and Servent - in November 2000.
Glaxo accepted a delay for several years for Imigran, an antimigraine in France rather than accept a low price that would have undercut its higher price elsewhere.
A new migraine treatment called Imigran, in the form of a 10 mg nasal spray,has just been launc hed specifically for 12-17 year olds affected by migraine.
Migraine medications such as Imigran and Zomig are available in nasal spray form on prescription.
In the 1990s, Imigran, and later a raft of competitor brands, expanded and developed the migraine therapy market by shifting and shaping perceptions of migraine within primary care.
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has brighter prospects as a result of growing contributions from such new therapeutic products as its Imigran for treating migraines, Zofran (an antinausea medication) and asthma drug Serevent.
The pharmaceutical group soared in December 1991, with the publicity surrounding several "miracle" drugs, including Merck's anti-cholesterol agent Mevacor and Glaxo's Imigran, its answer to the migraine headache.