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n.1.The quality of being imitable.
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Dierickx and Cool (1989) also explain the same reasons and conditions as Barney has given by focusing on the critical assets of firm and their imitability and mobility.
Todavia, existe um modelo denominado Value, Rarity, Imitability and Organisation (VRIO), que defende que os recursos e as competencias, sozinhos, nao asseguram o desempenho superior, pois este e atingido quando atendem a determinadas condicoes, como ser valorosos, raros e dificeis, sendo que a empresa deve possuir condicoes organizacionais para explorar as rendas geradas por tais recursos (Barney & Hesterley, 2007).
Adopting the business analysis framework of VRIO (Value, Rarity, Imitability and Organization), we have already established that IoT is an extremely valuable asset.
Grounded in the resource-based view, the paper examines the effects of imitability of an online shop, the presence of venture capitalists, the scope of the country portfolio and distance and diversity within the country portfolio on the internationalization speed of online retailers.
Competencies and imitability in the pharmaceutical industry: an analysis of their relationship with firm performance.
Moreover, to provide an advantage firms' resources should have four attributes: value, rareness, imperfect imitability and non-substitutability.
Table 3 shows that indicators with largest contribution or most powerful to measure sustainable competitive advantage variable is imitability (difficulty level to be imitated) with loading factor value of 0.
24) The corporation's aim was to develop efficient means of manufacturing various finished goods and to demonstrate the practicability and ready imitability of such means to the nation at large.
The attributes value, rarity, imitability, organizational and substitutability have come to be known as the VRIOS attributes.
What investors look for: "As an angel investor myself, I rely on three basic gauges when evaluating pitches: scalability, profitability and imitability.
2000); Effects of age at entry, Opportunities and knowledge intensity, and imitability on mode of organizing international Emerging impact articles from the last 5 years of our study Teece (2007); Explicating dynamic Mode of organizing capabilities: The nature and microfoundations of (sustainable) enterprise performance.
2000, "Effects of age at entry, knowledge intensity, and imitability on international growth".