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n.1.An imitatress.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Posee la competencia aparente de la comunicacion: "Psittacus, Eois imitatrix ales ab Indis, / occidit: exsequias ite frequenter, aves!" (Amores 2.6: 1-2) ["El papagayo, el ave imitadora, traida de entre los indios aurorales, ha muerto: A sus exequias acudid en tropel, pajarillos" (Socas 54)].
Salgado-Labouriau & Villar de Seoane, 1992 Xyris fugaciflora Rendle Lisowski et al., 2001 Xvris humilis Kunth Straka & Friedrich, 1984 Xvris imitatrix Malme Lisowski et al., 2001 Xyris jupicai Rich.
Phtisicidae Oura Bay, Shizuoka Protomima imitatrix Phtisicidae Oura Bay, Shizuoka Corophioidea Ampithoe lacertosa Ampithoidae Sotoura Bay, Shizuoka Corophium sp.
scalaris; instead, larval morphology was consistent with Megaselia imitatrix Borgmeier and M.
imitatrix. The morphology of the aquatic phorid larvae that have been cleared and mounted on slides reveals that the species was not M.
imitatrix Borgmeier, (Diptera: Phoridae) are reported for the first time from Florida, USA.
chaquensis (Leptodactylidae) (Baker and vaucher 1984); in Colombia was found by Goldberg and Bursey (2003) in Atelopus spurrelli (Bufonidae) and Dendrobates histrionicus (Dendrobatidae); in Peru was found in Bufo typhonius (Bufonidae), Colostethus marchesianus, Epipedobates femoralis (Dendrobatidae), Eleutherodactylus imitatrix and Leptodactylus leptodactyloides (Leptodactylidae) by Bursey et al.