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 (ĭm′əl-mən, -män′)
A maneuver in which an airplane first completes half a loop and then half a roll in order to gain altitude and change flight direction simultaneously.

[After Max Immelmann (1890-1916), German aviator.]


(ˈɪm əlˌmɑn, -mən)

a maneuver in which an airplane makes a half loop followed by a half roll: used to gain altitude while reversing the direction of flight.
[1915–20; after Max Immelmann (1890-1916), German aviator of World War I]
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At Dallas I would learn all the basic stunts and maneuvers - loops, snap rolls, Immelmanns, etc.
He's less well-known for the exploits of his younger years in the late 1940s -- when he was a stunt pilot performing stalls, loops and Immelmanns in an open-cockpit biplane.