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A drug, C29H33ClN2O2, that inhibits intestinal motility and is used in the form of its hydrochloride to treat diarrhea.

[(ch)lo(ro)- + (pi)per(idine) + amide.]


n loperamida
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Superdrug Diarrhoea Immodium 2mg capsules (6 capsules)
One of the donations that Cat had arranged with money raised in bucket collections at Tesco were Paracetamol and Immodium tablets, which are used to treat diarrhoea.
Surely the makers of a well-known anti-diarrhoea remedy would slip one of the boffins a few quid - can you imagine getting Immodium into the new table?
30pm Raindrops on roses and Immodium on standby as the cast prepare to perform the classic musical completely live.
Taking tablets on holiday used to T mean popping a packet of Immodium in your toilet bag to deal with any unfortunate paella reactions.
Microlax is a laxative while Diacure and Immodium are both diarrhoeal remedies based on the active ingredient loperamide.
WHEN your shopping list includes Immodium, vinyl gloves, worming tablets and insect repellent, no normS S al week lies ahead.
Even while laid low with a touch of the Windsors she still ploughs on, steely eye and a rictus grin in place, Immodium to hand.
JENSON BUTTON had to use Immodium to get on the podium on Sunday to deprive Sebastian Vettel of adding a second Formula One world title to his Singapore Grand Prix win.
Loperamide Loperamide is the active ingredient found in the anti-diarrhoeal medication, Immodium.
In diarrhea tablets, McNeil Consumer Products' Immodium dominates with a share of nearly 69%, but in laxative tablets, store brands--with $39.
Medications Medications used to treat travelers' diarrhea include Pepto-Bismol, Immodium AD and antibiotics.