Immovable feasts

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(Eccl.) feasts which occur on a certain day of the year and do not depend on the date of Easter; as, Christmas, the Epiphany, etc.

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BRITE, TED, Davos, sxsw, Ignite: the immovable feasts of the great religio-business calendar, where dapper gents with bubbles and sparkles on their business cards exchange triumphalist ideas by day and then charge $14,000 in drinks by night.
Lunch and tea are immovable feasts, but that still doesn't excuse the acceptance of offers of bad light by an England side which were all too eager to head for the dressing room at the first opportunity.
While many of the works shown in the exhibition were originally seen only by epicurean elites, the large-scale immovable feasts served a more public purpose.