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2006), que naturalmente contribuyen con la supervivencia de las larvas del briozoo, al otorgarles un sabor impalatable (Lindquist y Hay, 1996, Lopanik et al, 2006, McGroven y Hellberg, 2003, Winston y Woollacott, 2008), disminuyendo la predacion; sin embargo, y de alli la importancia por estudiar esta especie, es la capacidad que tienen las briostatinas para controlar el cancer (Fenical, 2006, Matew, 2010, Pinto et al, 2002, Rodriguez, 2003, Winston y Woollacott, 2008).
Hence, Virginia Carmichael in her admirable Framing History: The Rosenberg Story and the Cold War (1993) alludes to the containing ideology of certain "perfecting myths as attempts to transcend irrational, impalatable, or unbearable social and historical realities" as a "process of malting the (sublime) world cognitively apprehensible in bearable terms" (229, n.
They generally have a wide range of service options, mitigating the likelihood of being forced into any program that is highly impalatable.