Imperfect consonances

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(Mus.) chords like the third and sixth, whose ratios are less simple than those of the fifth and forth.

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The study explained that the bird also favored to sing perfect consonances (octaves, perfect fifths, and perfect fourths) over imperfect consonances leading to some passages which may sound to human listeners as if they are structured around a tonal center.
For instance, in bar 6 the soprano and alto move through imperfect consonances before landing on a diminished 4th; this dissonance is neither satisfactorily prepared nor convincing as an intentional expressive dissonance.
The balance of the elided portion then uses relatively traditional dissonance treatment: as each entry moves through its subsequent repeated pitches at `knowest Lord', the melodic motion of the lower part creates a pattern of imperfect consonance -- passing dissonance -- imperfect consonance.