Imperial guard

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the royal guard instituted by Napoleon I.

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He was a major in the Imperial guard and was at Waterloo.
A singer with a thundering voice -- a man certainly picked out from all the voices of France, as was the drum-major of the imperial guard from all the giants of the empire -- escorted by four other chanters, who appeared to be there only to serve him as an accompaniment, made the air resound, and the windows of the houses vibrate.
It came at last: the columns of the Imperial Guard marched up the hill of Saint Jean, at length and at once to sweep the English from the height which they had maintained all day, and spite of all: unscared by the thunder of the artillery, which hurled death from the English line--the dark rolling column pressed on and up the hill.
I have been wherever Napoleon led us, and have borne a part in every battle in which the Imperial Guard has struck a blow; but everybody knows all about these events.
He leaps, pirouettes, kicks and punches his way out of every tight spot as 19th-century Chinese Imperial Guard Chon Wang (pronounced John Wayne), who works as a servant to the beautiful Princess Pei Pei (Lucy Lui) in The Forbidden City.
At Waterloo he led a charge at the end of the battle against Napoleon's elite Imperial Guard, and had been feared killed in the melee.
Set in the 19th century, a Chinese princess (Lucy Lui) is kidnapped, and imperial guard Chon Wang (Jackie Chan) chases her captors to Nevada.
Lilandra also commands an impressive alien super-team named the Imperial Guard, but it is still unclear if the group will be featured in the movie.
Mysterious magical rebels, known as the Bhutas, and a handsome, young imperial guard combine to complicate her path to the throne, as well as teach her about herself and her roots.
But as the coffin passed, preceded by the veterans of the Imperial Guard, the old shout could be heard again for the first time in a quarter century: 'Vive l'Empereur
And the female members of the cast seemed to be looking to the Imperial Guard for inspiration with Stormtrooper white and black accents a key theme.
HUMAYUN: "Among the Sacred Oaths of the Mughal Imperial Guard is to Never Speak.