Imperial diet

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an assembly of all the states of the German empire.

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The Reichstag is a historic edifice in Berlin, Germany, constructed to house the Imperial Diet of the German Empire.
(195) Emperor Meiji had law making powers to which the Imperial Diet consented.
By 1764/ 1765, envoys and other representatives had come to replace the princes and emperor fully at the imperial diet in Regensburg.
The voting procedure in the imperial diet and other institutions was changed to protect Protestants from the in-built Catholic majority where the agenda touched matters of religion.
(1) At that time it was called the Imperial Diet (Teikoku Gikai) and consisted of two Houses, the House of Peers and the House of Representatives.
In the 1660s Conring had once again become interested in the German constitution and had directed two dissertations about the imperial diet in 1666 (1666a and 1666b) and one about the "officials" of the empire, which is to say, the prince electors, in 1669.
A person can learn the identity of the godfather to one of Luther's children (it was Lucas Cranach Sr.) and where the emperor had dinner before entering Augsburg for the Imperial Diet in 1530.
The spirit of belief that led him to state his ideas boldly before an imperial diet at Worms in 1521, where Luther would have been killed but for the protection of friendly princes, kept him from compromising beliefs once embraced.
THE IMPERIAL diet, or conference, which assembled in the Bavarian city of Augsburg that February marked a significant stage in the history of both the Reformation and Germany.

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