Imperial eagle

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Through the opening in the wall she had seen the Imperial eagle; and upon the flock bed, faintly lighted from above, lay the form of an officer of the Guard.
Amelie had seen the handsome head of the mysterious man, but, fortunately, and unfortunately also, the Imperial eagles and uniform were so placed that she did not see them through the crevice in the partition.
Each airship had its name in black letters on white on either flank, and forward the Imperial eagle sprawled, an overwhelming bird in the dimness.
Application of a single vascularised skin flap in eastern imperial eagle with skin defects.
But look a little closer and its imperial eagle gives its origin away: instead of being a relic of Moorish Spain, the vase was created in Imperial Russia in 1838.
Hirkan National Park numbers over 118 bird species, 16 of which, including black stork, osprey, Northern goshawk, imperial eagle, Talish Caucasian pheasant, black francolin, are listed in the Red Book of Azerbaijan.
This symbol of the prestige of the Germany of Kaiser Wilhelm II - complete with a huge bronze Imperial eagle figurehead on her bows - was launched just five weeks after the sinking of the Titanic in 1912.
The park was the only known wintering site of the central population of the critically endangered Siberian Crane, and also serves as a wintering area for other globally threatened species such as the Greater Spotted Eagle and Imperial Eagle. During the breeding season the most spectacular heronry in the region is formed by 15 species of herons, ibis, cormorants, spoonbills and storks, where in a well-flooded year over 20,000 birds nest.
In 2018, Raptor Protection in Slovakia recorded 30 cases of illegal activities resulting in the killing of 73 protected birds, including the eastern imperial eagle and the white-tailed eagle, My Noveacute Zaacutemky wrote, adding that the 25 cases involved death by carbofuran ndash which killed a total of 67 birds, according to Slaacutevka Doktorovaacute of Raptor Protection of Slovakia.Thus, the protectionists hope this case will set a precedent and that the life of protected species will be given a higher priority than the personal interests of individuals.
1) and a Wagnerian allegory of flag-waving nymphs, Unsere Zukunft liegt auf dem Wasser (Our Future Lies upon the Water) by Arthur Fitger, in an elaborate frame complete with putti and imperial eagle. Here are also reassuring drawings of panelling by those masters of grand-hotel design, Mewes and Davis, and Charles Wilson's carved, painted and gilded panel Honour and Glory Crowning Time from the grand staircase of the Olympic, conjuring up an image of oppressive respectability, as though Edwardian ship-owners and designers wished to reassure passengers that they were perfectly safe and didn't even need to see the sea.
One of the most famous spots is by Qawra, where there's the sunken Imperial Eagle ferry which once connected Malta and Gozo, and a 23 tonne statue of Jesus.

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