Imperial green

See Paris green, under Green.

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Go on a tea journey in Hangzhou, home of the legendary longjing tea, a centuries- old imperial green tea.
This is quite understandable as fine quality examples, like the stone in the ring shown here, look very similar to the highly desirable translucent green jadeite known as Imperial green jade.
The collection features 10 different varieties: broad bean Imperial Green Longpod, French bean Safari, runner bean White Lady, beetroot Wodan, cabbage Tundra, carrot Kingston, lettuce Lobjoits Green Cos, spring onion Ishikura, radish French Breakfast and tomato Sungold.
Pastel shades of green and blue with the label displaying "100% organic" prominently tempt consumers to select from names such as Green Tea Garden, Imperial Green, Moroccan Mint, Decaffeinated Green, Jasmine Flower and White Peony.
Handles are aluminum with an "Alemite" coating in a color Spyderco calls imperial green.
Since then, Guatemala has been a slaughterground, very bright red indeed against the darkest imperial green.
Colourless or an intense emerald green known as imperial green are the most valuable, followed by lavender and various other shades of green.