Imperial pigeon

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(Zool.) any one of the large Asiatic fruit pigeons of the genus Carpophada.

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Endemic and threatened birds, such as the Mindoro imperial pigeon, Mindoro bleeding-heart pigeon, black-hooded coucal and Mindoro hornbill, are also found in the area.
Eight of the species are under the IUCN's vulnerable category: The Chinese egret (Egretta eulophotes); Falcated ground babbler (Ptilocichla falcate); Palawan flycatcher (Ficedula platenae); Palawan hornbill, Palawan peacock pheasant (Polyplectron emphanum); Blue-headed racquet tail (Prioniturus plateni); Grey imperial pigeon (Ducula pickeringii); and the Philippine duck.
This 18,532 sq km stretch of serene, uninterrupted green, is home to many more endangered and endemic plant and animal species--keep a look out for agar (the state tree), nageshwar (state flower), and dukul (or the green imperial pigeon, the state bird).
nov.) that is the smallest documented member of the kangaroo family in the world, as well as an imperial pigeon, a spike-nosed tree frog, an oversized woolly rat and a gargoyle-like, bent-toed gecko with yellow eyes.
For oboe, for example, he selects the Australian diamond firetail finch, and for flute, he picks the long whistles of the white-bellied green imperial pigeon and the descending run of short notes uttered by the strawberry finch.
The following species need confirmation: the predominantly montane Mountain Imperial Pigeon Ducula badia, (BS), the feral Zebra Dove Geopelia striata (BS), Jambu Fruit Dove Ptilinopus jambu (BS) and globally near-threatened Large Green Pigeon Treron capellei (Giesen 1987; BS).
The Spotted Imperial Pigeon is found only in the Philippines.
Other unique species of flora and fauna in the park include the Mindoro Imperial Pigeon (Ducula mindorensis); Mindoro Tarictic Hornbill (Penelopides mindorensis); Mindoro Bleeding-Heart Pigeon (Galliculumba platenae); Mindoro Rusa Deer (Cervus marianus barandanus) and the Mindoro Pine (Pinus merkusii).
Among these animals are Asian box turtles, palm civets, reticulated pythons, red cuckoo doves, green imperial pigeons, rufous hornbills, and southern Luzon cloud rats, Andrada said.
It is these birds, the nutmeg or pied imperial pigeons, that have brought us to the island.
Not surprisingly, emphasis began to shift from the consequences of class to the complications of a dying colonialism as the sun set on the Empire and flocks of imperial pigeons came fluttering back to Britain to roost.
The rescued animals included ten Hanging Parakeets or Colasisi, four Coletos, three Tarictic Hornbills, a Green Imperial Pigeons, a Brown Dove or Reddish Cuckoo Dove and a Blue Naped Parrot.