Imperial weight

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avoirdupois weight, Imperial weight - Avoirdupois or Imperial weight is commonly used to measure food, people, and merchandise.
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Carel leRoux, an obesity specialist at the Imperial Weight Center at Imperial College in London, as saying.
What is the imperial weight of a gallon of achieve in 1926 on the Lake District peak of water?
The FTA has told the borough that imperial weight limits were outlawed by the Traffic Signs Regulations and General Directions 1981.
She added pricing by imperial weight could lead to confusion and make Thoburn's goods appear cheaper.
People bring us the jars for the marmalade and they have to be 1lb Imperial weight.
Claire Marshall SO, when we claim back our "national" identity, will we be reintroducing imperial weights and measures?
Tesco announced it would return to using imperial weights and measures after demand from customers.
conversions in my head back to miles and gallons but we may see imperial weights and measures back as a result of shunning everything European.
YOU know how we love feet and inches, miles, gallons and all our Imperial weights and measures?
A penny (2% of the cost of a postage stamp) is now equivalent to a fraction of a farthing, yet shops entice you with X pounds and 99 pence - while the absence of constant imperial weights enable tins to reduce from 420gms to 415 to 410, thinking that you won't notice the me-trick reduction.