Imperial weights and measures

the standards legalized by the British Parliament.

See also: Imperial

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conversions in my head back to miles and gallons but we may see imperial weights and measures back as a result of shunning everything European.
The prosecution will doubtless come as a surprise to Gunter Verheugen, the EU Commissioner, who recently stated that there was no law which prevented the use of Imperial weights and measures in this way.
Imperial weights and measures now face no further threat from Brussels: "It is entirely up to the British Government whether to keep pints and feet and inches, and the whole miles system, but as far as the Commission is concerned there is not now and never will be any requirement to drop imperial measurements," said the Commissioner.
Teesside shop owners are celebrating after the European Commission announced it is dropping attempts to ban imperial weights and measures.
MINISTERS are battling to save the great British pint and the rest of the imperial weights and measures system.