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n.1.See Umpire.
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Under 2013 Impire Shipping; Kish amendments to ISA by Iran Protection and Indemnity Threat Reduction Act (Iran); and Bimeh Markasi- sanctioning owning vessels Central Insurance of Iran that transport Iranian oil (CII, Iran) or providing insurance for the shipments.
Indeed, it was during the 1570's that John Dee, man of science and consultant of Elizabeth I, coined the phrase "British Impire," which he used "to describe and justify England's claim to the North Atlantic, based on the mythical conquests of King Arthur and Prince Madoc, the latter allegedly the first discoverer of North America in the twelfth century" (Appleby 62).
Cambis, President of Impire Shipping Limited (Impire), established his shipping company, as well as several front companies, to purchase oil tankers while disguising the fact that the tankers were being purchased on behalf of the National Iranian Tanker Company (NITC).
Dimitris Cambis and Impire Shipping for disguising the Iranian origin of crude oil by concealing the control of a vessel by the National Iranian Tanker Company (NITC).
Liebeschuetz, Antioch, City and imperial administration in the Later Roman Impire, Oxford, 1972; Culture and Society in Ijater Roman Antioch, Oxbow, 2004.
To put their assumption to the test, they analysed all fouls recorded by Impire AG in seven seasons of UEFA Champions League (32,142 fouls) and German Bundesliga (85,262 fouls), the last three FIFA World Cups (6,440 fouls).
See Bruce McLeod, The Geography of Empire in English Literature: 1580-1745 (Cambridge: Cambridge UP, 1999), for an explication of "vanguard Protestantism": a socio-symbolic integration of the peripheries plotted in longue duree terms as a desire to serve the abstract topos of "Imperial Britain" (John Dee's "IMPERIAL SHIP," "this Island Empire," or "Islandish Impire," General and Rare Memorials pertayning to the Perfecte Arte of Navigation [1577], quoted in McLeod)--a desire preformatting the actual emergence of the "British Empire" (2, 37, 41).
23) The Scottish parliament claimed in 1469 that James III had `ful Jurisdictioune and fre Impire within his Realme', thereby antedating the Henrician parliament's assertion that the `realm of England is an empire' by more than sixty years, while the Scottish king adopted a closed imperial crown on his coinage in 1486, three years before Henry VII issued a similar numismatic image.
Drake's mythology rested upon a constant struggle for legitimacy through the manipulation of pageantry and fetish on the part of not only Drake himself, but also of a queen and nation struggling to put to rest the image of a bastard usurper of throne and impire (Cressy 63, also Armitage 100, Hampden 244-245).
Under Impire Shipping; Kish amendments to ISA by Protection and Iran Threat Reduction Indemnity (Iran); and Act sanctioning owning Bimeh Markasi-Central vessels that transport Insurance of Iran (CII, Iranian oil or Iran) providing insurance for the shipments.
Under amendments 2013 Impire Shipping; Kish to ISA by Iran Threat Protection and Reduction Act sanctioning Indemnity (Iran); and owning vessels that transport Bimeh Markasi-Central Iranian oil or providing Insurance of Iran (CII, insurance for the shipments.
Dimitris Cambis; Impire Shipping; Kish Protection and 2013 Indemnity (Iran); and Bimeh Markasi-Central Insurance of Iran (CII, Iran) April 12, Tanker Pacific; SAMAMA; and Allvale Maritime 2013 May 31, Ferland Co.