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adv.1.By implication or inference.
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Impliedly, Nigeria is a country that is elite designed, structured, formed and governed.
By filing the said petition, petitioners impliedly admitted that respondents are the incumbent Board of Directors, albeit they question the legality thereof,' he argued.
As a rule, what the Constitution does not prohibit expressly or impliedly is allowed.
He pointed out that the UN Security Council through its successive resolutions impliedly nullified Indian occupation of Kashmir declaring it as a disputed territory.
If the party, during the litigation, waives any measure or any of the submission documents expressly or impliedly, the said measure or document shall be deemed void.
In the same interview he impliedly claimed Kashmir as an integral part of India when in reply to a question on situation in Kashmir and the need for dialogue with the Kashmiris he reportedly said ' dialogue does take place with every Indian citizen and it will continue' How can you resolve an issue when you deny its existence?
This willingness to resign, impliedly conceding a certain degree of guilt and to give up a powerful position at a time when it is most needed is the last option that a Filipino politician embroiled in a sex scandal is likely to take.
The trial court did not state in so many words that it found plaintiff's claim to be exclusively one for premises liability and not negligence, but it did impliedly so hold, and that was the correct conclusion.
The court observed that South Carolina case law decided that, "if a defendant voluntarily injects an issue in the case, whether legal or factual, the insurer [voluntarily] waives, explicitly or impliedly, the attorney-client privilege.
Therefore, in order to maintain that status, the new candidates are subjected to a 'torture' regime which is impliedly supposed to retain the hold of the seniors.
Moreover, the comment to the rule indicates that "[a] lawyer is impliedly authorized to make disclosures about a client when appropriate in carrying out the representation, except to the extent that the client's instructions or special circumstances limit that authority.
The ACCC considered that specific statements made in certain versions of the brochures drafted by Lumley in conjunction with retailers impliedly represented that: