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adv.1.By implication or inference.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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18, we should refer to the Chinese 'Note,' dated April 13, 2009, addressed to the Secretary General of the United Nations impliedly recognizing our entitlements in our exclusive economic zone (EEZ), and to the Memorandum of Agreement (MoA) reached in November last year, in which China consented to a 60-40 sharing in our favor in the exploration, development and utilization (EDU) of the natural resources buried in our EEZ.
In its reported 3-0 decision, the Court of Special Appeals said the Maryland Agriculture Article neither expressly nor impliedly bars local jurisdictions from adopting stricter controls on pesticides.
However, the complainant family did not opt to get the case transferred from the judge upon whom they leveled serious allegations which clearly shows that the allegations were impliedly withdrawn showing undeclared confidence in the judge to proceed with the case.
520, a special law, is not deemed impliedly repealed or amended by the Dividends Law," the PICCI stressed.
Impliedly, however, they represent the intolerable corruption, not worthy of public office.
'Such manner, being in complete negation to settled procedural law, cannot be approved rather was always impliedly prohibited,' it added.
'The impugned order by referring to a certain sum of money payable to the CDA over a period of eight years, has grossly ignored and impliedly condones the illegalities, brazen violations, post-bid changes and wrongdoings made in the disposal and construction over state-owned land,' the CDA contended, adding that allowing the plot would disturb the entire Master Plan and Zoning Regulations 1992.
His question impliedly suggests the indigenous nature of the freedom movement and a reaction to what Indian security forces have been doing in the Indian Held Kashmir, especially since the advent of Modi as the Indian Prime Minister.
'If we do not protest, then we impliedly consent to China's act of putting up a maritime rescue center there.
To some defense lawyers, the recent Minnesota Supreme Court holding that skiers do not impliedly assume the risk of injury while on the slopes is a lift too far.
Nevertheless, even where courts do not recognize a legally imposed duty beyond procurement, those courts commonly find under certain circumstances an insurance professional may have expressly or impliedly agreed to expanded duties, and thus, can be held liable for not fulfilling those duties.
As applied here, an impliedly assumed duty would be owed by an indefinite number of individuals (all Irish Fleet dispatchers who screen and flag calls) to an indefinite number of individuals (all taxicab drivers who use Irish Fleet's dispatch services) and would presumably extend to all dispatching businesses and individual employees that engage in a similar screening and documentation practice a practice that is undoubtedly common to the dispatching business in general.