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Images were captured using a Hamamatsu Orca 285 CCD camera controlled by Improvision Volocity software version 6.
Andrew Waterfall, a local entrepreneur, business angel investor and the former chief executive of Improvision, a life sciences business acquired by PerkinElmer in 2007, will join the board as a non-executive director and will assume the role of chairman.
Al tratarse de exposiciones preparadas no habia lugar para la improvision, lo cual quito naturalidad al discurso.
discusses these theoretical underpinnings and the process of helping patients re- connect with dissociated aspects of themselves through breathing, toning, and vocal improvision techniques such as 'free associative singing' and 'vocal holding' that she developed.
Since PerkinElmer's acquisition earlier this year of Improvision Ltd.
El informe del inspector comisionado en este distrito comunico varias irregularidades, entre las que sobresalian que, en algunas casillas, era tal la improvision del proceso, que "con el nombre de las personas que concurrian estaban formando un padron".
Improvision generated 2006 revenues of approximately 6 million [pounds sterling] ($11.
Captured images were digitally stacked to create 3-D images (VOLOCITY, Improvision Inc.
Lee, who works for software firm Improvision, based at Warwick University Science Park, has been making films on little or no budget for about 18 months.
The more fixed the policy is, the more dramatic the deviations will be and the more improvision is needed, in order to achieve at least some of the intended aims of a given policy.
Just as in jazz improvision, where every performer is a composer, in the learning organization, every member -- whether on the front line or the executive suite -- is a strategic partner.
Pentafour has recently signed a deal to make animation films for Stan Lee - the creator of comic book characters Spiderman and The Incredible Hulk - and has also completed work on the 3D-animation movie "Sindbad - Beyond the Veil of Mists" with US-based Improvision Inc.