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"During the show there is a lot of improvision. We have some rehearsals but when it's live, especially in a big city like Liverpool, there is always something that happens and the time can be longer.
Quorum has been distributing Volocity software since it was first released by Improvision in January 2001.
The images were collected and analyzed for number and localization of fluorescent foci by VOLOCITY or OPENLAB programs (improvision) and processed by Adobe Photoshop.
Images were captured using a Hamamatsu Orca 285 CCD camera controlled by Improvision Volocity software version 6.
These images were recorded with Volocity version 4.3.2 software (Improvision) and processed in Photoshop CS (Adobe).
Slides were imaged on a Leica DMR microscope at 20x magnification and photomicrographs were taken using a Micropublisher 5.0 RTV digital camera (QImaging) and Volocity Acquisition v 4.4 imaging software (Improvision Inc.).
After 72 hours of incubation at 50[degrees]C and subsequent reaction with rhodamine-anti-DIG and FICT-anti-biotin antibodies (Roche Diagnostics, Basel, Switzerland), fluorescence signals were captured by CCD image analysis system (Leica) and documented with Openlab software (Improvision).
Images were imported into Volocity 6.0 (PerkinElmer Improvision) and image contrast was adjusted.
Andrew Waterfall, a local entrepreneur, business angel investor and the former chief executive of Improvision, a life sciences business acquired by PerkinElmer in 2007, will join the board as a non-executive director and will assume the role of chairman.
Drawing on Jungian psychology, object relations theory, trauma theory, and the concept of intersubjectivity between therapist and client, music therapist Austin (New York U.) discusses these theoretical underpinnings and the process of helping patients re- connect with dissociated aspects of themselves through breathing, toning, and vocal improvision techniques such as 'free associative singing' and 'vocal holding' that she developed.
Since PerkinElmer's acquisition earlier this year of Improvision Ltd., a leading provider of cellular imaging software and integrated hardware solutions, the company has benefited from integrating product teams and expertise to deliver a premier live cell imaging and analysis technology to researchers in neurobiology, cancer biology, and developmental biology.