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n.1.One who composes and sings or recites rhymes and short poems extemporaneously.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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(Rossetti, 1910: 169) Quanto Rossetti rivela in questo frammento del poema conferma cio che scrive il figlio Guglielmo Michele: "Era tanto noto come improvvisatore quanto come poeta (egli continuo a improvvisare per qualche tempo anche dopo la sua venuta a Londra) e questo, con gli altri doni, lo rese popolare nella societ maltese" (Rossetti, 1910: 169).
Bennett has described "an international circle of British, Greek, and Italian friends." (5) In addition to the Shelleys, Byron, and Trelawny, this included, at various times, Claire Clairmont, Byron's Italian mistress Teresa Guiccioli, her father and brother (the Gambas), Percy Shelley's cousin Thomas Medwin, his friends Jane and Edward Williams, the Greek Alexandros Mavrocordatos, the improvvisatore Tommasso Sgricci, Lady Mountcashell (a disciple of Mary Wollstonecraft, Mountcashell's former governess), and just before Percy Shelley's death, Leigh Hunt and his family.
(13) Leo's celebrated blind improvvisatore Raffaele Brandolini had delivered an oration in praise of the pope's great-grandfather, Cosimo "il Vecchio," an oration preserved to this day in a manuscript in the Biblioteca Mediceo-Laurenziana in Florence (Gnoli 1938:119 n.
Giovio's evaluation of Marone's talents as an improvvisatore may have been too generous: although the singer's verses are described as "extemporaneous and produced on the impulse of the moment" and only seemed "to have been planned and composed long before," it is far likelier that--at least with respect to the musical setting of the poetry and the instrumental accompaniment, if not the text itself--Marone was utilizing existing musical material, and that the extemporaneous element consisted largely of improvised embellishment in performance of preexistent stock melodies and their attendant schematic harmonization and spare instrumental accompaniment; we shall return presently to this important matter.
La conflagrazione sintesi di patriottismo accanito di militarismo metodico di garibaldinismo improvvisatore di rivoluzionarismo feroce d'imperialismo orgoglioso e di spirito democratico sconfessa tutti i partiti politici spacca tutti i passatismi e rinnova il mondo.
In the first movement, allegro cantabile, we hear Rota, the great improvvisatore, at the piano, changing moods carrying him hither and yon, with the orchestra as enthusiastic traveling companion.
31), here listed as part of Francesco I's court, really a musician at all or should he, rather, be identified with the poet and improvvisatore Andreuccio delle Pomerance, apparently a favourite of Isabella de' Medici and Bianca Cappello, the grand duke's sister and wife respectively?
However much the star improvisers of the day might have liked to be compared with Homer, their missions were quite different: "The rhapsode's goal is to recite the best inherited form of a story; the improvvisatore's goal is to display the quickness of his or her intellect by composing original verses during performance, on a theme not meditated in advance" (67).
If the role was performed by a Florentine improvvisatore, he could himself have accompanied his simple vocal line, perhaps alternating it with speech.
Ma la stessa era stata data riel 1725 a un altro improvvisatore, Bernardino Perfetti, per volere di Benedetto XIII, suscitando alcune satire ma senza creare uno scandalo (42).
On the other hand, Andrew of Padua is exceptional in the way it thematizes the conditions of this very marketplace, using the imported figure of the improvvisatore to reflect, on several levels at once, the changing relations among authors, publishers, and the reading public.
Also in 2002, "Two Improvvisatore: Coleridge, Letitia Elizabeth Landon and the Difficulties of Loving" will be published in Philological Quarterly and "Christabel and the Phantom Soul" in SEL.