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a.1.Not punctate or dotted.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Outer surface of mandible and basal area of labrum smooth and shiny, impunctate; clypeus with fine and contiguous punctures among, large, scattered setiferous punctures; supraclypeal area with fine and contiguous punctures on distal third, punctures becoming faint basally, thus integument appearing smooth and shiny at low magnifications; subantennal area and remainder of face with fine, contiguous punctures or alveoli, coarser than on clypeus; gena strongly imbricate with faint punctures.
That's not bad for pictures illustrating such technical points as "supraclypeal area shining and nearly impunctate."
Most species of Diaparsis are conspicuously larger than Aneuclis and Sathropterus species, often have a deep and strongly oblique foveate groove in the anterior part of the mesopleuron (this groove, if present, is usually weak in Aneuclis and Sathropterus) and they frequently have a densely and coarsely punctate head and mesosoma (impunctate or finely punctate in Aneuclis and Sathropterus).
minor in having puncturing distinctly darker and scutellum narrow with a fine impunctate middle line but it can easily be separated from the same in having scutellum with apex acutely produced and paraclypei with apex truncated.
1A): Broadly semicircular (ratio L : max W 0.49); lateral marginal fringes flat, impunctate; disc elevated, punctate, apically produced in a smooth, diagonal or subvertical spine (details unknown).
Disc of terga impunctate; basal area of propodeum smooth; antennal sockets with metallic green reflections; tarsi yellowish (Guyana)...M.
Pronotum feebly transverse, strongly convex, slightly flattened laterally, evenly and rather sparsely punctured, with a median longitudinal impunctate line; sides feebly arcuate, rather thickly bordered, edge sparsely ciliate; hind angles obtusely rounded, base feebly bisinuate, not bordered.
Punctation deep, moderately sparse, punctures separated by 0.8-1.1 times own diameter; midline and posterior paramedial areas impunctate. Disc subsulcate along dorsal carina, deplanate to shallowly impressed toward hind angles.
Tergite 1 more or less smooth, very shiny, with scattered, laterally with moderately scattered punctures; tergites 2-4 with basal parts shiny and unshagreened, depressed apical parts with superficial reticular shagreening; punctures distinct and dense, only a narrow zone in front of the depressions with punctures more scattered; depressed apical parts with fine and scattered punctures medially, moderately scattered to moderately dense laterally, with narrow impunctate apical margin.