In a week's time

In a week's time 
References in classic literature ?
If I don't hear in a week's time that it has been received, I shall place the matter once more in the hands of the police.
It was proposed to give a garden party at the farm in a week's time for the express purpose of introducing Isabel to Hardyman's family and friends in the character of his betrothed wife.
If I am a living woman and a free woman in a week's time-- or if I am in possession of my senses in a week's time (don't interrupt me; I know what I am talking about)--I shall have a sketch or outline of my play ready, as a specimen of what I can do.
He laughed, launched out into witticisms, and, finally, resolved the riddle of his transports by informing us that in a week's time it would be his Petinka's birthday, when, in honour of the occasion, he (the father) meant to don a new jacket (as well as new shoes which his wife was going to buy for him), and to come and pay a visit to his son.
Kempe may die in a week's time, or may linger on for months; and Mrs.