in absentia

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in ab·sen·tia

 (ĭn ăb-sĕn′shə, -shē-ə)
adv. Abbr. i.a.
While or although not present; in absence: was tried and convicted in absentia.

[Latin in absentiā : in, in + absentiā, ablative of absentia, absence.]

in absentia

(ɪn æbˈsɛntɪə)
in the absence of (someone indicated): he was condemned in absentia.

in ab•sen•tia

(ɪn æbˈsɛn ʃə, -ʃi ə)

adv. Latin.
in absence.

in absentia

A Latin phrase meaning in someone’s absence.
ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: absentia - while absent; although absent; "he was sentenced in absentia"

in absentia

[ˈinæbˈsentɪə] ADVin absentia
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Two of them were sentenced to life imprisonment in abstentia, another has been released, and one is on the run.
NNA - Hussein Oneissi's Defence Attorney, Vincent Corsi Labrousse, said on Monday that the STL's prime goal was to reach the whole truth, refusing scenrios deeming Oneissi guilty for the mere fact that he's being tried in abstentia.
Le Monde wrote that at a time of boosting ties between France and Libya, Bull CEO Philippe Vannier was invited for a meeting with Libya's head of intelligence and Kadhafi's cousin, Abdallah Senoussi, who was condemned to a life prison term in abstentia by a French court in 1997 over the shooting down of a UTA passenger flight in 1989.
Le chef du bureau de la defense Francois Roux a de son cote souligne que "les proces in abstentia pourraient etre un progres pour la justice internationale".
The lawyers will attend a hearing session that will be held on November 11 to review the issue related to trying the suspects in abstentia. The daily said the lawyers have the option to refuse trying the four accused men in abstentia arguing that there is no evidence that proves the suspects are in Lebanon.
Summary: Lebanon has insisted that Roger Tamraz, a Lebanese businessman arrested in Morocco, be extradited to Lebanon where he has been charged in abstentia for embezzlement, the pan-Arab daily Al-Hayat has reported.
A top police official said that 22 violations were by light vehicles, 43 by heavy ones and the rest in abstentia cases.