In loco

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In lo´co

1.In the place; in the proper or natural place.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Quo in loco alter de duobus Paganorum regibus et quinque comites occisi occubuerunt, et multa millia Paganae partis in eodem loco.
Previously, America's universities had operated under the doctrine of in loco parentis ("in the place of a parent").
In loco parentis has been rejuvenated and returned.
Et se alcuno andira contra il presente ordine recitar in loco publico, o privato ['simil' added in margin] comedia, ['o' inserted] egloga, ['od altra cosa simile' scratched out] caschi a pena di vogar in galea di condemnati mesi disdotto can i ferri alli piede, et non essendo bon da galea, di star anni tre in pregion serrada, et di pagar ducati vinticinque a chi l'havera ritentuto, et presentato nelle forze: ne il tempo della galea, o pregion le habbi a cominciar, se non dopo pagati li sap.ti danari.
Guardians could usefully function in loco parentis in the context of a court proceeding to encourage children to participate to the fullest extent possible and appropriate and to help ensure that decisions reached on behalf of children during proceedings comport with the principle of the best interests of the child.
* act in loco parentis during the immigration proceedings to encourage the child to participate to the fullest extent possible and appropriate and to help ensure that the decisions reached on behalf of the child during the proceedings comport with the child's best interests; and
Austrian Roth & Partners, a real estate consultancy which has acted in place of the owner ("In Loco Domini") for offshore investors, is expanding its capability to provide the same services to individuals, families, trustees, devisees and non-profit organizations.
The goal of "In Loco Domini" services, a service mark coined by Austrian Roth & Partners, is the preservation and enhancement of value in real property assets.
Inverurie defender Steven Park will face an agonising 90 minutes on the sidelines today after breaking his ankle in Locos' win against Buckie.
I'm just bitterly disappointed to be missing the biggest game in Locos' history.
THREE AND EASY: Andy Low is on hand to tap in Locos' third in the rout over Cove Rangers
What you are looking for in Locos is, in a sense, whatever it may be that the characters are manifestations of, regardless of what they're called or where they happen to appear.