In patient

a patient who receives lodging and food, as treatment, in a hospital or an infirmary.

See also: Patient

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Three months after what one staffer dubbed the "nuclear meltdown" of cutbacks and layoffs at High Desert Hospital, the county-run facility has seen a 12 percent to 20 percent drop in patient numbers.
In patients with T2DM, first-phase insulin secretion is reduced or lost, while second-phase secretion is increased; however, insulin peaks become delayed and subsequently disappear, and basal secretion is eventually impaired.
Symptomatic treatment was thereafter applied in patients who did not respond to MMF.
According to the American Diabetes Association (2011) and Brazilian Society of Cardiology (2010), the hypertension treatment in patients with DM should include angiotensin converting enzyme inhibitor or angiotensin receptor antagonist (2,9), which was observed in this study (Table 2).
A meta-analysis of 11 RCTs (1317 patients, average age 32) showed no significant difference in relief of eye symptoms between oral antihistamines (dexchlorpheniramine, terfenadine, and loratadine) and intranasal steroids (budesonide, beclomethasone, fluticasone, and triamcinolone) in patients with seasonal allergies, as measured by various symptom scores?
Polyomavirus-associated nephropathy (PVAN) is a tubular interstitial inflammatory disease caused by lytic infection of epithelial tubular cells by human BK polyomavirus (BKV) in patients who have undergone kidney transplantation.
Paromomycin: no more effective than placebo for treatment of cryptosporidiosis in patients with advanced human immunodeficiency virus infection.
This endorsement by AACN illustrates the continuing rapid acceptance of Intraosseous Access in the medical field in all situations in which immediate vascular access is medically necessary, and it identifies IO access as an alternative in patients when traditional vascular access cannot be obtained.
If further testing supports these preliminary findings, the drugs might serve as able stand-ins for existing drugs in patients whose HIV becomes resistant to existing therapies.
The impact of medications on exocrine gland pathology and function in patients infected with HIV is complex and not well understood.
The CS system targets the left DLPFC, an area of the brain that is hypometabolic in patients with MDD, and increases glucose metabolism in this region to antidepressive effects.
In a recently completed clinical trial in patients with type 2 diabetes, INS-1 was safe and well tolerated but did not achieve statistical significance on its primary efficacy measures.