In pursuance of

in accordance with; in prosecution or fulfillment of.

See also: Pursuance

References in classic literature ?
It had been the spring, it will be remembered, that had prompted them to go on pilgrimage; and me, too, the spring was filling with strange, undefinable longings, and though I flattered myself that I had set out in pursuance of a definitely taken resolve, I had really no more freedom in the matter than the children who followed at the heels of the mad piper.
He resolved, in pursuance of the advice of the sage lady, to push matters as forward as possible; and addressing himself to his intended son-in-law in the hunting phrase, he cried, after a loud holla, "Follow her, boy, follow her; run in, run in; that's it, honeys.
This we promptly arranged between us; but when, ten minutes later and in pursuance of our arrangement, we met in the hall, it was only to report on either side that after guarded inquiries we had altogether failed to trace her.
The master of our camels was an old Mohammedan, who had conceived an opinion that it was an act of merit to do us all the mischief he could; and in pursuance of his notion, made it his chief employment to steal everything he could lay hold on; his piety even transported him so far, that one morning he stole and hid the cords of our tents.
And in pursuance of it, Countess, I deeply regret having to tell you that your presence at Dorset House within the next hour is demanded.
Thus reasoned Sir Mulberry, and in pursuance of this reasoning he and his friend soon afterwards repaired to Ralph Nickleby's, there to execute a plan of operations concerted by Sir Mulberry himself, avowedly to promote his friend's object, and really to attain his own.
I should have continued to avoid you, in pursuance of the same set purpose, for a short time longer, if we had not met now.
When they reached London in pursuance of their little plan, they took coach and drove westward.
In pursuance of this luminous conception I mentioned to Biddy when I went to Mr.
PESHAWAR -- In pursuance of implementation of Regulatory Functions/directives
This is in pursuance of Pakistan Medical Association (PMA) and Chinese Medical Association (CMA) collaboration through the MOU signed between the two organizations to strengthen Pak- China medical corridor.
In pursuance of Indias Act East Policy, two Indian Naval Ships Satpura and Kadmatt proceeded on deployment to East and South-East Asia on 07 September 2017.