In respect

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in comparison.

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Moreover, aggregate annual premiums paid in respect of smaller transactions (up to PS50m each in size) and medium-sized transactions (between PS50m and PS500m) have stayed at the same levels from year to year, at around PS1.5bn and PS4bn respectively.
GILGIT -- Chief Minister (CM) Gilgit and Baltistan Syed Mehdi Shah has said he will send corruption proceedings file in respect of 3 former secretaries to federal government.
The council agreed to support the government in steps "to impose security" and "confront threats" at the sit-ins "in compliance with the law and in respect of human rights," according to state-owned Al-Ahram.
"We have, for example, untendered contracts paid out of public funds in respect of financial services to the company.
The BAA board said Friday that it will be writing to shareholders "within the next 14 days" to explain the reasons the offer was rejected and urged shareholders to "take no action" in respect to the offer.