In sport

in jest; for play or diversion.
- Prov. xxvi. 19.

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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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"What we have divided we have divided," he seems to say in his gruff voice, this ruler without guile, who hurls as if in sport enormous masses of cloud across the sky, and flings the great waves of the Atlantic clear across from the shores of the New World upon the hoary headlands of Old Europe, which harbours more kings and rulers upon its seamed and furrowed body than all the oceans of the world together.
In sport such as football, the number of corners, throw-ins or goals are more difficult to influence.
The aim of the day, a organised r by Sport Caerphillr yl and inspiredr by the London 2012 Olympicl and Paralya mpic y Games, was to encourage r childrh enr and young people to get activei by participating in sports.
Tom Swei, director of marketing for Gagliardi Insurance, which specializes in sports and entertainment, says that the general liability is a legal requirement that most of the coaches understand.
Rubino, a former bodybuilder and Navy SEAL, and Johnson, an athlete and former martin artist, clicked immediately through their common interest in sports and fitness.
We weren't in boy scouts, in sports teams, or camping grounds.
Some athletes participate in sports (e.g., football, wrestling, and gymnastics) where weight gain or loss is accepted and perceived as an advantage.
"Trends in baseball are not as obvious as they are in basketball and football, where some of the licensed vendors, Nike in particular, have come out with some very unique looks," says Ron Rubenstein, Executive VP for Vernon, CA-based AIS (Adventures In Sports) Custom Athletic Uniforms.
Injuriees are inherent in sports, an no sport is immune.