In summer

In summer   
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Light hearts, light hearts, that float so gaily on a smooth stream, that are so sparkling and buoyant in the sunshine--down upon fruit, bloom upon flowers, blush in summer air, life of the winged insect, whose whole existence is a day--how soon ye sink in troubled water
When first launched in summer 2004, these products were reserved for those who e-filed 100 or more individual returns.
Elleven, scheduled for move-ins in April 2006, is sold out; Luma's 236 units sold out in seven hours, with construction scheduled for completion in summer 2007, and Evo is just breaking ground.
The fee is $13 a night, and the limit is 14 days in a calendar year, seven days in summer.
All offshore work will take place in summer 2006 using several vessels from Technip's fleet, including Apache, Wellservicer and Normand Pioneer.