In term

in set terms; in formal phrase.

See also: Term

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For the short-term, however, McMillan believes there may be an increase in term life insurance, which is generally less expensive than universal or whole life insurance.
Plug Ins, Al-Futtaim's multi-brand consumer electronics retailer, expects the second edition of Gitex Shopper Spring will be much better than the first last year in terms of sales, according to its top executive.
It's been a difficult investment environment in terms of being able to replace the yield that's been generated in the past," said Jim Olsen, vice president of accounting and investment policy at the Property Casualty Insurers Association of America.
King: That's nonsense, although I do believe that most of the current proposals for enforcement are doomed to fail, because they are not realistic in terms of the manpower and resources needed.
The black community would suffer the most in terms of programs being cut," she said.
Historically, Congress and INS have devoted over five times more resources in terms of staff and budget on border enforcement than on interior enforcement.
One participant, an immigrant who asked to remain anonymous, explained," In terms of the anti-repression movement, there hasn't really been a nationwide effort yet.
When 'Spider-Man' came out in cartoon, it did very well in terms of merchandising,'' said Silver, also publisher of Toy Wishes, a toy buying guide published twice a year.
45 ACP 185-grain loads were rated good to excellent in terms of recoil control.
Finally, while the widespread adoption of the 100 questions may have made the test a little more predictable within many district offices, across districts there is still tremendous variation in terms of the number of questions an applicant is asked and the number he must answer correctly in order to pass.
The Lion King,'' perhaps the most successful movie ever in terms of merchandising, has grossed, according to some estimates, more than $1.