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At all events, the veil of self-consciousness was rent in twain at that remark, and our spirits rushed together at this touch of London nature thus unexpectedly revealed.
Twain specialists will likely already be familiar with all or most of these works, but readers with a general interest in Twain and in religious skepticism will find this collection enlightening as well as entertaining and thought-provoking.
For all their differences, however, these three critical studies together point to a new direction in Twain scholarship.
Those eager for ideas on how to approach texts such as Connecticut Yankee, Innocents Abroad, and even Joan of Arc will also find useful essays in this collection, while questions and suggestions pertaining to the teaching of racial issues in Twain recur throughout much of the book.
The results of this wonderfully rewarding search are in part borne out in the equally rewarding Mark Twain: The Contemporary Reviews, a volume that should assist not only those students of Budd's who will endeavor to assay the biographical record for themselves but also most Twain scholars with an interest in Twain in his own time.
Tenney came into several recognitions for his lifetime investments in Twain scholarship.
The Elmira College Center for Mark Twain Studies presented the Henry Nash Smith Award to Horst Kruse, commemorating Horst's excellent scholarly work as carrying on the high standards in Twain studies that Henry Nash Smith represented in an earlier time.
His 1992 book, Mark Twain's Weapons of Satire: Anti-Imperialist Writings on the Philippine-American War, made available in one impressive volume texts that had been largely recondite before, and analyses of Twain's anti-imperialism that had not been salient in Twain criticism before Jim laid them out for us.
Clemens's self-inflicted domestication is the essential event in Emerson's story, which echoes a period in Twain criticism when the writer's creative life could be mapped by clear dualisms between West/East, Man/Woman, Vernacular/Formal.