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intermediate-range nuclear forces


abbreviation for
1. (Grammar) infinitive
2. (Grammar) informal
3. infra
[Latin: below; after; later]


abbreviation for
(Military) intermediate-range nuclear forces: land-based missiles and aircraft with a range between 500 and 5000 km




1. inferior.
2. infield.
3. infielder.
4. infinitive.
5. infinity.
6. infirmary.
7. information.
8. below; after.
[< Latin infrā]
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It tasks the DepEd to strengthen the implementation of Non-Formal Education (NFE) and Informal Education (InfEd) programs.
In order to avoid giving multiple standard doses (200 mg per infusion, with 5 infusions over many days), some centers have explored the use of 1 large dose of IV iron (1,000 mg of low molecular weight iron dextran administered over 1 hour) (INFeD, Watson Pharma).
The safety and efficacy of ID in nondialysis chronic kidney disease (ND-CKD) is less well reported, especially for the low molecular weight iron dextran (LMWID) INFeD [14].
IV iron adverse reactions reported to the FDA (Chertow, Mason, Vaage-Nilsen, &Ahlmen, 2006; Schwenk, 2010) IV iron Major adverse Life-threatening adverse reactions reactions Dexferrum (iron 12/100,000 11.3/million dextran*) INFeD (iron 4/100,000 3.3/million dextran*) Iron sucrose 2/100,000 0.9/million Sodium ferric 2/100,000 0.6/million gluconate * This brand of iron dextran not available in Canada Sodium ferric gluconate and iron sucrose are covalently bound irons and have adverse reactions primarily due to the release of free iron.
The idea was first formulated by Lyda Hanifan in 1916, who wanted to promote "good will, fellowship, sympathy and social intercourse among those that 'make up a social unit" (INFED, 2008).
For the full year 2009, Watson's Global Brand segment product sales decreased 1% or USD3.3m to USD393.7m, compared to USD397.0m for 2008, due to lower sales of Ferrlecit and INFeD, which was partially offset by sales of newly launched products Rapaflo and Gelnique.
(6.) Infed. Peter Senge and the learning organization.
Mills that have installed the Chip Quality Package report that they are producing more usable chips per cubic meter of wood (highest possible yield from infed wood); achieving more consistent chip quality, adapted to the process; and creating less than 3% pins and 1% fines during the chipping, screening and sizing processes.