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intermediate-range nuclear forces


abbreviation for
1. (Grammar) infinitive
2. (Grammar) informal
3. infra
[Latin: below; after; later]


abbreviation for
(Military) intermediate-range nuclear forces: land-based missiles and aircraft with a range between 500 and 5000 km




1. inferior.
2. infield.
3. infielder.
4. infinitive.
5. infinity.
6. infirmary.
7. information.
8. below; after.
[< Latin infrā]
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InFed is one of the two programs offered by ALS, where personal interest, community development, skills and livelihood, and entrepreneurship are given a premium.
0m for 2008, due to lower sales of Ferrlecit and INFeD, which was partially offset by sales of newly launched products Rapaflo and Gelnique.
Mills that have installed the Chip Quality Package report that they are producing more usable chips per cubic meter of wood (highest possible yield from infed wood); achieving more consistent chip quality, adapted to the process; and creating less than 3% pins and 1% fines during the chipping, screening and sizing processes.