v. t.1.See Enable.
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inABLE provides nearly 1,200 blind and visually impaired children in rural Africa with computer assistive technology and library services.
An NGO, InAble aims at empowering the blind and visually impaired students in Africa through assistive computer technology.
However, all the attempts done in Kermanshah, fast movement of the Russian forces caused them to be inable to resist against them.
Jonglei state governor, Kuol Manyang Juuk, has long argued that infrastructure is essential in in order for the government to deliver services, for economic development and to inable companies to invest in the state.
The water is so clear it is easy to spot the different species of fish, in every colour, size and shape imagi inable.
To build on MCC's clinician productivity and security advantages, Dell is making Indigo's next-generation biometric solutions, InSafe Strong Authentication and InAble Single Sign-on for virtual desktop environments, available to their healthcare clients.
Truly I have been called to them by the Lord and therfore am not without good assurance that Hee will inable his poore worme and weake servant to doe his will.
Meanwhile, the problems associated with the 'assembly line' system are inable to achieve precise control at high operating speeds.
Even if the panel finds that bear numbers are high, growing, and susta inable, animal-rights groups will continue to try to stop grizzly hunting in Canada.
Rescuers were inable to reach the scene because of the heat and fumes and the partial collapse of the tunnel roof.
But with modest expansion taking place across nearly all sectors and in all parts of the country, the health of the industry is susta inable into the early years after the millennium.