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a.1.Destitute of life; lacking animation; unanimated.
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In my assessment, the only legitimate evidence for a reading like this is found in the last line of Donne's dedication to Prince Charles: "if this child of mine, inanimated by your gracious acceptation, may so long preserve alive the memory of Your Highness' humblest and devotedest, John Donne"; Donne, Devotions, 2.
The opposition inanimated matter--human beings would no longer be preserved in the Romanian version.
Also discussed were the schools of vitalism--holding that living beings were fundamentally distinct from the inanimated ones because of some different physico-chemical elements or performances--and of materialism--holding that everything really existing was material in nature--, respectively, not to say anything about the creation of life, the experiments in galvanism on executed criminals, and a general vogue for automata (Mulvey-Roberts 1998: 214).