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 (ĭn′ə-rē, ē′när′ē), Lake
An island-studded lake of northern Finland with an outlet to the Arctic Ocean.
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(ˈɪn ə ri, -ɑr i)

Lake, a lake in NE Finland. ab. 500 sq. mi. (1295 sq. km).
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When we stopped, it was on the edge of one of Inari's 3,000 islands, the kind of spot you might come for camping or fishing later on in the year.
" CNN has called the 123 vermilion-colored torii gates that make up Motonosumi Inari Temple along the road to Nagato in Yamaguchi Prefecture one of the "31 Must-See Sites" of Japan.
Near Kyoto, we walked under many of the red-orange gates at Fushimi Inari Shrine and saw Kurama Temple after a steep hike.
In this method, wood is treated with steam at a temperature of at least 160[degrees]C (Tjeerdsma and Militz 2005, Inari et al.
After a full exploration of Nyoirin Kannon's iconography, the deity's connections with Benzaiten, Ugajin, Inari, Dakiniten, Amaterasu, nagas, and dragon deities are detailed.
The vegetarian kabocha pumpkin and tofu bento (PS11.50) for example, contains grilled fresh tofu and crispy fried pumpkin croquette, served with tonkatsu sauce, inari sushi, tamago, stir-fried greens and sticky rice.
The inspiration derives from the vermillion lacquered torii gates leading to an ancient Kyoto shrine dedicated to Inari, the Shinto god of rice.
Ashton's resume focuses on advanced-technology companies, and his experience includes key leadership roles at Megahertz and Inari, as CEO of Printelligent Corporation, and now as CEO of Great Basin Scientific, a molecular diagnostics company.
Presuming that they'd be on the small side (how big can a croquette be?) I ordered a couple of bits off the sushi menu - inari (PS3.45), fried tofu pockets and sesame seeds, and inari maki (PS3.25), fried tofu rolled in seasoned rice and toasted nori.
The book is also useful for describing the various kinds of sushi -- gunkan (nori boats topped with rice and soft ingredients), inari (fried tofu pockets filled with sushi items), and nigiri (rice ovals with fishy tops).
A smiling Obama, wearing a knee-length jacket in yellows, blues and greens, appeared to be having a great time as she thumped the ancient instruments and blew a whistle alongside highschool students in a performance at Fushimi Inari Taisha, a 1,300 year old shrine.