Incarcerated hernia

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(Med.) hernia in which the constriction can not be easily reduced.

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Patients with history of hernia surgery, bilateral hernia, incarcerated hernia and femoral hernia were excluded from the study.
* If you cannot get the hernia to go back in; seek medical care immediately, as this is an incarcerated hernia and can lead to organ strangulation.
Acute scrotal pain includes some urgent diagnoses, such as testicular torsion and incarcerated hernia or omentum.
5%) laparoscopic procedures were converted to open surgery due to technical difficulty (e.g., irreducibility of incarcerated hernia).
The type of treatment depends on patient's status, exclusion of the acute surgical conditions (i.e., testicular torsion and incarcerated hernia) and improvement of the symptoms.
The presence of intramural air in the absence of signs of bowel obstruction within an incarcerated hernia sac has been reported as a fairly specific sign for DGHs [2, 15].
Differential diagnosis includes; intestinal obstruction secondary to any pathology, volvulus, intussuception, gastroenteritis, diverticulitis, rectal sheet hematoma, incarcerated hernia, malignancy, and mesenteric ischemia.
These can be asymptomatic but in some cases a sudden increase in intra-abdominal pressure can lead to a common surgical emergency known as incarcerated hernia.
Bacteria in hernia sac: An important risk fact for surgical site infection after incarcerated hernia repair.
Diagnosis of Amyand's hernia is almost always made intraoperatively because the usual clinical picture is identical to that of an incarcerated hernia although ultrasound and computed tomography can help.
Reigns was pulled out of the lineup just two nights before Night of Champions to undergo an emergency procedure for incarcerated hernia.