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also In·ka  (ĭng′kə)
n. pl. Inca or In·cas also Inka or In·kas
a. A member of the group of Quechuan peoples of highland Peru who established an empire from northern Ecuador to central Chile before the Spanish conquest.
b. A ruler or high-ranking member of the Inca Empire.
2. A member of any of the peoples ruled by the Incas.

[Spanish, from Quechua inka, ruler, man of royal lineage.]
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AD 1200–1535 The Incas built an extensive empire, the hub of which was the city of Cuzco. Their ruler was known as the Only Inca,” and was regarded as a god. The Inca were sunworshippers, and practiced human sacrifice. Their last king, Atahualpa, was captured by the Spanish expedition led by Pizzaro.
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He was heir direct, without anyone to share, in those treasures torn from the Incas and from the conquered of Ferdinand Cortez.
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The priestcraft of the East and West, of the Magian, Brahmin, Druid, and Inca, is expounded in the individual's private life.
The Incas were one of humanity's great civilizations, but their lack of a written language has prevented widespread appreciation of their sophisticated intellectual tradition.
Established in northern Italy in 1981, Incas of fers industrial automation solutions for logistics and production monitoring, as well as integrated software solutions.
13 June 2018 - Germany based intralogistics products and solutions provider SSI Schaefer Group has acquired Italy based automation and warehouse management software solutions provider Incas S.p.A., the company said.
The Sacred Valley of the Incas was undoubtedly a key area of settlement to the Incas.
The second stage is at The "Plaza de Armas" or the main square; in the time of the Incas this vast square was used for important ceremonies, which took place entirely in the great "ushnu" or ceremonial platform.
in front of the Dominican monastery of Santa Domingo, built on the ruins of the Incas' most famous temple, the Cori-Concha or "Golden Enclosure." Those who saw the Temple of the Sun, as the Spaniards called it, before it was vandalized of 700 solid gold sheets and hoards of silver and gold objects, report the main temple was dedicated to the god Viracocha, with side chapels dedicated to the moon, Venus, a mysterious star, and the god of Thunder and Lightning.
THE chief executive of a Tyneside charity is taking on the Inca Trail to raise vital funds.