Incendiary shell

a bombshell. See Carcass, 4.

See also: Incendiary

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A BOMB alarm was raised at Nuneaton Fire Station when a live wartime incendiary shell was handed in.
Legally speaking, a cyber attack that sparks a fire at a military base is indistinguishable from an attack that uses an incendiary shell.
One engine on fire, the tail shot to hell The chutes were all burned by the incendiary shell.
She was alleged to have left out screws while assembling a new and secret incendiary shell for the RAF, risking an explosion in the aircraft if they were fired.
Lastly, the Expeditionary Force Division is described as "packing heat with incendiary shells.
On the contrary, the aggressors received protection from the state and its government and they used government assault weapons including Dushka guns, machine guns, rocket launchers, mortars and incendiary shells," the Ma'alia tribal figure asserted.
According to spokesman for the Interior Ministry Mohamed Ali Laroui, a group of youths armed with hunting rifles and incendiary shells, had converged towards the cross border post on the Tunisian-Algerian border with the aim of assaulting and looting the post.
Aa For the record, 1400 Palestinians, including more than 900 civilians, were killed during the 23-day conflict which, thanks to the media pictures, exposed the incendiary shells raining down on the UN compound.
Goldstone s report also criticized Israel for firing white phosphorus incendiary shells over the U.
Goldstone's report also criticized Israel for firing white phosphorus incendiary shells over the UN compound in Gaza and its "intentional strike" on the Al-Quds hospital using high explosive artillery shells and white phosphorus.