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n.1.(R. C. Ch.) The offering of incense.
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The funereal imagery describing the sleeping lovers, the sprinkling of the coffin with holy water and its incensation, are part of the Roman Catholic burial service.
Robert Taft, for example, enumerates the following meanings of incense in the Divine Liturgy, depending upon the point in the liturgical process at which the incensation takes place: mimetic (of the myrrhbearing women at the tomb), fumigatory, exorcistic, honorific, intercessory, propitiatory, and penitential.
At the half-way stage where an altar was set up for benediction, it was usual for those German College students who sang polyphony to split into two choirs and sing some verses of the Lauda Sion--though in 1583 they omitted this and simply sang O salutaris hostia during the incensation.