v. t.1.To lodge in a chamber.
[imp. & p. p. Inchambered ; p. pr. & vb. n. Inchambering.]
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The CJ has conducted the inchamber hearing of petition about the accountability of top military bureaucracy and judiciary against the objections of registrar office.
The court after hearing arguments that were held inchamber, as the court was jampacked with lawyers, company executives and journalists, said that the interim orders will continue till March 28, the next date of hearing.
Chief Justice Nasirul Mulk presided over an inchamber hearing of an appeal against a decision of the Supreme Court office to return the second review petition by target killer Saulat Mirza who is to be hanged at Machh Jail in Balochistan.
Chief Justice NasirUlMulk on Monday could not held inchamber hearing of the review petition filed by Saulat Mirza due to absence of Mirza's counsel Latif Khosa.
Improved recovery times are achieved via a mechanical convection system and inchamber sensors that allow sample humidity to be recovered 5x faster than ordinary chambers.
Rosie said: ``I was at rock bottom mentally but desperately trying to concentrate on what I was going to say inChamber when I heard my name over and over.
Use of an inchamber cryocoil yields the high pumping speed without conductance restriction.
He said that the petitioners had filed an inchamber application against the refusal of application.
inChambers 318), reveals how the same rhetoric could be deployed to address dire and real political circumstances (specifically rioting) in London that threatened public safety.