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Valley were leading at the time of abandonment thanks to a second minute header by David Kolodynski, who incidently suffered a nastylooking injury to his lower felt leg during the game.
Incidently, the fine bronze equestrian statue by Cardiff's Goscombe John - his first attempt at an equine sculpture - cost PS4,000 and was erected in 1909 some four years before Lord Tredegar died.
Most patients are asymptomatic, and the ovarian enlargement is discovered incidently at cesarean section or postpartum tubal ligation.
Incidently, S Clark, where does your surname come from, and how dare you call the Welsh "servile"?
Two years after sharing her newlydiscovered domestic bliss with a Liverpool crowd, she's returned to the topic of her "home bird" life, this time concentrating not so much on the fixtures and fittings as the rural location of the house she shares with comedian hubby Gary Delaney (himself, incidently, gigging in Liverpool on Saturday night).
Incidently, this is also true for elderly people where studies have shown playing chess appears to defer the onset of dementia and assist in the retention of memory and decision making skills.
The men in the building industry were a rough lot, they worked hard and drank likewise, consequently this was how I came into contact with many of them (who incidently also became my friends).
Incidently the Welsh Assembly, bears some responsibility for child poverty in Wales.
Incidently, some visitors take advantage of the fact that there is no-one to enforce permit parking after 5pm and do not bother to display a permit even if there all night.
Incidently, Sri Sri Ravi Shankar has been a supporter of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Amitabh Bachchan is the brand ambassador for Gujarat tourism.
Incidently, in all of this, Tony Blair still remains Middle East Peace Envoy
Incidently, Gandhi was speaking at the special lecture titled 'D P Kohli Memorial lecture' organized by the CBI.