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But, is that as good as it's going to get - was that our post 1982 and 1986 golden period - or, assuming he signs a new contract, will Michael O'Neill shape a side capable of reaching the next European Championships - a tournament we've never qualified for incidently? All the indications point to the fact that O'Neill is still up for the challenge and, importantly so, has the backing of a knowledgeable football man in IFA President Jim Shaw, who realises how difficult the task is of selecting an international squad from an ever-decreasing number of players plying their trade at the highest level across the water.
Incidently, the guy who first introduced Gillespie to gambling was called Colin McKie, a young Scottish apprentice who shared digs with him in Manchester.
We would ask the people of Eston to join ERA in our campaign for right to be done and our pillars returned home and the council to stop messing about with our heritage which, incidently, they have overlooked for many years.
Incidently my impression was officers were to take their breaks out on the job, not waste time travelling back to the station for refreshments.
For the record, it was the John Reid-ridden Ile de Bourbon, whom, incidently, he regards as the best he trained, in the 1979 Coronation Cup.
Naturally, for a few Yun Renminbi, 12 to pounds 1 incidently.
Incidently you can also make your own hypertufa rocks by digging a hole, placing a few large stones in the side and base where you want to have planting cavities, then filling the hole with hypertufa mix.
I WONDER how many Cardiffians know that the Castle Emporium in Womanby Street, which incidently is one of the oldest streets in Cardiff, was once a cinema?
Incidently, all three Rutter girls will be going to Buckingham Palace with their father this summer to see him receive an OBE for services to drama.
Incidently if you do have problems with the usual Travel West Midlands travel services, you can always use the Ring and Ride service which has been running for years.
Incidently, Pegasus was built in 1884 by the often troubled star Fred Archer and the site includes a fascinating history of the yard, and, indeed, the man.
Incidently Mrs Ricky Martin was keen to point out that though slightly more rotund than his namesake her old man is in fact quite a nifty dancer, especially after a few jars.