a.1.Capable of being incinerated or reduced to ashes.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Knowledge regarding disposal of Syringes, Mercury, Drugs, Incinerable waste and autoclavable waste were present among 137(45.5%), 162(53.8%), 214(71.1%), 190(63.1%) and 156(51.%) of study participants respectively.
Feed for incinerator at HWTC Tender no: GT13113700 Description: Front end engineering design (Feed) and related services to design a hazardous waste incinerator within the premises of the existing hazardous waste treatment centre at Mesaieed industrial city, Qatar including complete facilities supporting operation of hazardous waste incinerator (HWI), HWI facility will be used for treatment and disposal of incinerable hazardous waste produced in the state of Qatar.
Filter element easily separates from the housing; all-metal cans are 100 percent recyclable and non-metal elements are 100 percent incinerable.
6.2 million tonnes of hazardous waste is generated by them every year, of which landfillable waste is 2.7 million tonnes, incinerable 0.41 million tonnes and recyclable hazardous waste is 3.08 million tonnes.
The project also includes the construction of a transfer station for incinerable waste which will make it possible to transport the various waste streams by barge on the Deule canal between the organic waste processing facility and the waste incinerator in Halluin, to the north of the city.
A special incinerable version, developed primarily for nuclear power facility use, is also available.
Approved by the Scientific Ecology group for the transfer of contamination and clear fluids, this tubing is 100% incinerable. Nelco Products, Inc., 22 Riverside Dr., Pembroke, MA 02359.
A new pleatable media in G4 and F5 classifications is now available for filtration applications including environmentally friendly and incinerable filter elements.
Note that even in Switzerland, where 80 percent of MSW is incinerated, the amount of additional waste to be dealt with is significant, as the per capita amount of MSW is about equal to the amount of construction and demolition waste, which is basically not incinerable.
The new kiln would treat more of the same -- incinerable solids.