Incipient species

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(Zool.) a subspecies, or variety, which is in process of becoming permanent, and thus changing to a true species, usually by isolation in localities from which other varieties are excluded.

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Specifically the applicant will test: if 1) newly formed species differ in the distributions of epigenetic marks across the genome, 2) genomic variants linked to phenotypic divergence among species are in genomic regions unusually high in DNA methylation, as expected under a hypothesis of epigenetic differences preceding fixed nucleotide differences during adaptive divergence, 3) genomic regions diverging in patterns of methylation among incipient species are also exhibiting high levels of methylation in populations of Astatotilapia calliptera, the ancestral, colonizing species.
Add the genetic evidence, populations of Pterapogon may be acting like incipient species (reviewer's observation).
may be incipient species may be strengthened by our own recent molecular data that indicate that chromosomally identified larvae of S.
Pleistocene genetic legacy suggests incipient species of Sebastes mentella in the Irminger Sea.
Difference in plumage color used in species recognition between incipient species is linked to a single amino acid substitution in the melanocortin-1 receptor.
Quantitative morphological evidence for incipient species within Lutzomyia quinquefer (Diptera: Psychodidae).
One aspect of SPH is that it casts the levels as developmental stages with irreversible trajectories of individuation (think of the incipient species becoming a [humanly] recognized species which ultimately gives rise to another species lineage).