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n.1.Same as Inkle.
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For information on possible INCLE security assistance distributions in FY2014, see "U.
INCLE programs will enhance short and long-term stability
Table One Security Assistance Appropriations Fiscal Year 2000 Fiscal Year 2010 Fiscal Year 2011 Program Appropriation Appropriation Request FMFP $5,006,500,000 $5,420,000,000 $5473,348,000 IMET 93,000,000 108,000,000 110,000,000 ESF 7,116,901,000 6,344,000,000 7,811,982,00 PKO 530,200,000 331,500,000 285,950,000 INCLE 1,782,500,000 1,691,000,000 1,136,041,000 NADR 631,500,000 754,000,000 757,613,000 Notes: (1) FY 2010 FMFP includes PL.
113-76) requires the State Department to notify the appropriations committees 15 days prior to making any transfers from the INCLE, FMF, and PKO accounts to the GSCF in accordance with regular notification procedures, including a detailed justification, implementation plan, and timeline for each proposed project, but is not subject to prior consultation with the appropriations committees.
of $539 million for ESF, $66 million for INCLE, and $2 million for
and Central Asia (AEECA) account in the INCLE account as well as in the
of the funding for INCLE and FMF, or approximately $57 million dollars.
Significant INCLE funds are focused where security situations are most dire, and where U.
This assistance has come from the INCLE account--to which a total of approximately $645 million has been appropriated or reprogrammed for use in the West Bank since 2007.
3 Other 470 -- -- -- USAID Funds INCLE -- -- -- 91.
These provisions would restrict all FY2012 transfers under ESF, INCLE, FMF, and PCCF, and so for the first time placed conditions on military and nonmilitary aid.
Programs supported with INCLE funds seek to close the gap between law enforcement jurisdictions and to strengthen law enforcement institutions that are weak or corrupt.