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Noun1.earnings report - a financial statement that gives operating results for a specific periodearnings report - a financial statement that gives operating results for a specific period
financial statement, statement - a document showing credits and debits
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income report beat estimates with a big 0.6% July gain in consumption, though income rose only 0.1% after a June boost to 0.5% from 0.4%.
Retirement Solutions General Manager, Andrew Barnett, said the MLC Investment Trends Retirement Income Report.
However, the best news from the US personal income report may have been the benign reading on underlying inflation, which was 2pc.
* The average income for families according to the DWP's households below average income report:
A disappointing consumer income report released in [ate August forced stock prices to drift lower and trading to remain light.
Michael White's Bank Insurance & Investment Fee Income Report
income report tracked estimates with June gains of 0.4% for income and 0.3% for consumption that left a firm entry for both aggregates into Q3.
Focusing on factors related to income report completeness is also important when the Bureau considers revising data collection procedures to improve data quality.
The better than expected income report helped move rates up a little though, from earlier levels and overnight lows.