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v. in·cor·po·rat·ed, in·cor·po·rat·ing, in·cor·po·rates
1. To unite (one thing) with something else already in existence: incorporated the letter into her diary.
2. To admit as a member to a corporation or similar organization.
3. To cause to merge or combine together into a united whole.
4. To cause to form into a legal corporation: incorporate a business.
5. To give substance or material form to; embody.
1. To become united or combined into an organized body.
2. To become or form a legal corporation: San Antonio incorporated as a city in 1837.
3. Linguistics To move from the head of one phrase to the head of another, forming a new word by affixing onto that head, as in certain languages when a noun object of a verb is affixed to the verb.
adj. (-pər-ĭt)
1. Combined into one united body; merged.
2. Formed into a legal corporation.

[Middle English incorporaten, from Late Latin incorporāre, incorporāt-, to form into a body : Latin in-, causative pref.; see in-2 + Latin corpus, corpor-, body; see corpus.]

in·cor′po·ra·ble (-pər-ə-bəl) adj.
in·cor′po·ra′tion n.
in·cor′po·ra′tive adj.
in·cor′po·ra′tor n.
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(Linguistics) linguistics another word for polysynthetic
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Thus countenanced, however, he obtained, in 1809, a charter from the legislature of the State of New York, incorporating a company under the name of "The American Fur Company," with a capital of one million of dollars, with the privilege of increasing it to two millions.
FM 6-01.1, Knowledge Management Section, is the first step in incorporating knowledge management (KM) into Army doctrine.
Kahala Corp., parent company of Cold Stone Creamery, as well as such quick-service chains as Blimpie, Ranch*l and Samurai Sam's, reports that it is drafting a three-year plan to incorporate more sustainable and green practices at all of its 12 brands, which may include such initiatives as incorporating more water- and energy-efficient equipment at the company's headquarters and eventually at chain units; challenging suppliers of food and paper products to provide more sustainable and fair trade goods; and remodeling or developing stores to incorporate more ecofriendly features.
Michele Cagan draws upon her many years of experience and expertise as an accountant, a tax advisor, a small business services planner, and a teacher of accounting and computer skills to community college students and private business owners to write "Incorporating Your Business: From Legal Issues To Tax Concerns, All You Need To Establish And Protect Your Business".
Shrink sleeve packaging specialist Sleever International has launched Holosleeve 3D[R], a new packaging product incorporating a hologram for authentication and tamper-evidence that is aimed at the wine and spirits sectors and, it says, is economical and easily incorporated into the production process.
"We have enjoyed the opportunity to create an overall corporate identity for one of New Jersey's leading accounting firms and look forward to incorporating this design into the firm's future office expansions throughout the tri-state area."
FLA/Florida Architect's experience in recently completing the Kight Center for Emerging Technologies at Indian River Community College in Fort Pierce, Fla., shows that planning for and incorporating audiovisual equipment within the teaching and learning environment is just as important as making purchasing decisions.
These areas are: (a) using a multi-systemic approach to consultation; (b) actively involving parents, and (c) considering and incorporating cultural and language factors in the process and content of consultation.
She is active as an adjudicator and curriculum writer, and frequently presents workshops on incorporating movement activities in lessons.
In addition, it strengthens the definition of regulatory capital by incorporating longstanding Board policies regarding the acceptable terms of capital instruments included in BHCs' tier 1 or tier 2 capital.
Pressler's objective is to plan facilities incorporating new technologies as well as improved patient care delivery models.