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1. Incapable of being morally corrupted.
2. Not subject to corruption or decay.

in′cor·rupt′i·bil′i·ty n.
in′cor·rupt′i·bly adv.
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Noun1.incorruptibility - the incapability of being corrupted
honestness, honesty - the quality of being honest
corruptibility - the capability of being corrupted


The quality of being honest:
نَزاهَه، عدَم قابِليَّة للفَساد
óspillanleiki, heiîarleiki


(inkəˈraptəbl) adjective
not able to be bribed; honest. The police should be incorruptible.
ˈincorˌruptiˈbility noun
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The saints "shall be raised again, incorruptable, in glory, in power, spiritual, and so considered, the bodies of the Saints, [united again to their spirits] which here suffer for Christ, shall inherit the Kingdome, raigning together with Christ." (4) Article XXI followed with the assertion of a future eternal judgment after "the Resurrection from the graves of the Earth." (5)
(m) because when they know God they glorifyed not as God, neither were thankfull but became vain in their Imaginations, (n) and their foolish heart was darken'd & changed the Glory of the incorruptable God into (o) an Image made like a corruptible Man and to Birds and four footed beasts & Creeping things; And upon the same account the Multiplication of Deitys, especialy those that they supposed supream their Dii [gods] were not only things false in themselves but (p) derogatory to the true Notion of God who being ens summe (a) perfectum [supremely perfect being] looseth both his perfection and dignity by such partition of the Divine Nature & power into many distinct Gods;
who [ are] undead, unnatural, and perversely incorruptable" (214).